So, Who Is The Busy Bod Coach?



'The Busy Bod Coach'

Hi, I’m Ricky Ormsby, otherwise known as…

The Busy Bod Coach.

I’ve been working with women and helping them lose weight for 10 + years.

I also absolutely love coffee.

You as well?


I don’t want to bore you with a list of qualifications and how brilliant I am as a coach… (even though I am, duh)

I want to share a crazy statistic with you.

If you go into google and type in: “Women’s Fat Loss Coach”

It takes 0.64 seconds to bring up 32 400 000 results.

That’s A LOT of information right?

That’s a huge amount of coaches, articles and resources to help women lose weight.

32 million?

That’s CRAZY.

Now, look at this:

Worldwide, obesity has TRIPLED since 1975

We currently have over 2 billion adults who are overweight, and about 900 million of those are obese.

So, out of the 1.1 billion, 40% of those are women. (not obese, JUST overweight, unhealthy and NOT happy).

Let’s call that 500 million to make numbers easier.

We’ve got 32 million resources for women to lose weight and feel amazing, yet, the numbers rise EVERY SINGLE year of women who are:






There is something wrong here.

What is MISSING?


You’ve done many diets in the past and they’ve failed

You’ve done many detoxes in the past, they’ve failed.

You’ve tried different coaches in the past, you’ve failed.

But I want to tell you something, friend.


It’s not your fault.

You were not put into a place where you COULD succeed.

You weren’t given the tools needed to truly make a change and SUSTAIN that change for life.

You weren’t given the support, accountability and LOVE that you deserved.

Can you imagine if:

  • You knew exactly how to eat to lose weight without ever thinking about it again… It just became your new norm
  • You could confidently walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do and how to do it so you never feel “lost” again
  • You had the energy to be the active wife, mom, or partner that you KNOW you can be
  • You ended this weight loss battle, lost 10-15lbs and felt absolutely amazing every single day
  • You felt like you were finally in control of your health and you knew for a fact that you’d NEVER go back to your ‘old self’ again…

Think about that for a moment.

I help driven and motivated women DO EXACTLY that.

I help women break this down, and make it easy.

I want to get that statistic we just spoke about above, WAY DOWN.

You ready?

What you should do now?

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